How Does a SCADA System Make Your Pumpers Smarter, Better at Their Jobs?

How Does a SCADA System Make Your Pumpers Smarter, Better at Their Jobs?


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Hello, my name is Reed Simms. I’m the Mid-Con Sales Manager at SPOC Automation. This is part of our Two-Minute Drives video learning series. My job today is to answer this question: How does a SCADA system make your pumpers smarter and better at their jobs?

I’m actually reminded of a quote when I hear this question and it goes like this: “Information is a source of learning, but unless it’s organized, processed and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it’s a burden, not a benefit.”

What we want to provide is real-time data so you can identify both your problem wells and your efficient wells. Well Optix has a lot of custom applications. And how is this information vital to your operation? You can decide that. We customize the system, so your pumpers are not wasting time. They’re going to the problem wells, and they’re not worried about the efficient wells because they know the information is correctly presented to them.

We want to take the guesswork out of managing well sites. Time management is an asset. SCADA systems can identify trends or see that anomaly. If this information is not organized and presented to the individual to make the decision properly, well, that’s just wasted time and money is wasted as a result.

So overall, if you take the information that is given to you and your pumpers understand what is an anomaly, what is a trend? How is this organized? How is this video presented to me? We can certainly help you make your pumpers better at their jobs.

We do not want you to waste time. We don’t want you to waste money. We want you to operate as efficiently as possible. That’s about it. It’s a simple answer. How this is to make your pumpers smarter and better at their jobs. SPOC Automation can help. Please visit our website at spocautomation.com.

Please if you need a demo or you need any information, that information is there, presented to you 24/7. And please see our other videos as well. These are great two-minute videos for anyone that has questions about any application that SPOC Automation has. We would be more than happy to help you and point you in the right direction.

Thank you.

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