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JPS Drive

Produce more. Spend less.
Jet Pump Applications → JPS Drive
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SPOC’s Jet Pump drives help you spend less on energy, while extending the life of your oil and gas equipment.
 Improved performance also means greater production.

Jet Pumps have been used in oil and gas applications for years, specifically in deep, high-temperature wells where you want to increase flow. Jet pumps are dependable, stable and proven technology. Variable Frequency Drives for jet pumps, however, are used far less often, and as a result, many operators are needlessly wasting money and hampering their own productivity.

The JPS drive from SPOC Automation is designed to increase the efficiency of your jet pump, while lowering your lifting costs. In a typical application, the pump is run faster than necessary to create pressure in excess of that which is needed. And then the pressure is choked down at the valve to fit the application.

With the JPS drive, you run at the exact speed you need to shape the pressure to the tube, eliminating needless waste of energy. You save as much as 25% on your energy costs, and can see a payback for the drive in as little as 9-12 months.

And finally, the JPS variable frequency drive significantly reduces your pump maintenance. The diverter valve is typically diverting high-pressure, high-flow water that is filled with dirt, salt or grit. With the JPS drive you can run the pump completely open, so it decreases the amount of wear and tear on the diverter valve. Meaning you have to change or repair it less often.

JPS Drive: everything you need in one package

With the SPOC JPS drive, everything is assembled and tested before it ships to the field, so you have no need for additional installation and start-up expenses with multiple vendors. The JPS drive comes with everything you need, standard. It is also completely compatible with Well Optix, our remote monitoring SCADA system, that allows you to manage your wells from any internet connected device.

With the JPS drive, everything is included, including the Variable Frequency Drive, all field signals and the PLC. There is no need for additional services or to pay anyone to integrate the system.

Expertise at Hand: Service is an inherent part of every product we manufacture. Whether you need application expertise or emergency help in the field when there is a problem, our professional field engineers are here to solve your issues fast before, during and after installation.


Dealing with the people at SPOC has been fantastic. You don’t feel like you’re left alone with the technology. It’s been like no other support we’ve ever had with any other company.

- Mike Bair, Owner, Black Gold Pump & Supply


WiseGuy DL

The easiest, most detailed VFD interface available

WiseGuy DL: The easiest, most detailed VFD interface available

The JPS drive is the easiest, most user-friendly drive on the market. Incorporating WiseGuy, the VFD interface is intuitive and simple, making it easy to read, gather data and make changes to the operation of the drive.

If you know industry terminology like “Suction Pressure,” “Discharge Pressure” or “Oil Level” then you can operate the WiseGuy. It’s that easy. Knowledge is power in the hands of your pumpers and WiseGuy gives you live trending, history, date and time stamp, data logging, single touch USB downloads, and much more.


Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance

Harmonics: Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance

Harmonic drive compliance becomes more critical every day. At SPOC, we focus on the entire system, providing low-harmonic drives to ensure that you continue running reliably, efficiently and in compliance of IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2.

We can perform studies for new or existing systems, as well as harmonic measurements to help you get a baseline of your current power quality. Using harmonic modeling tools, we can help you evaluate different scenarios and supply you with the right products that will help you run in compliance with the harmonic standards, with the highest reliability and at the right cost.

We manufacture every type of low harmonics drive, using the latest technology available.  Everything we do is tailored to your needs.

The Active Front End VFD is SPOC’s recommended approach for minimizing harmonics in fields where all lifting is done using variable speed drives. This technology is electronically based, not magnetically based. It meets the IEEE519 under every scenario and all loading conditions, regardless of voltage imbalance or source impedance. It is so advanced it can actually correct for low-voltage conditions from marginal systems and correct power factor within the electrical system, saving you money. We have years of experience in Active Front End Drives, and can do systems from 1HP to 2000HP at 480V.

Well Optix

SPOC's SCADA package gives you better data and more control over your wells

Well Optix: SPOC's SCADA package gives you better data and more control over your wells

Well Optix is our SCADA package designed to perform remote monitoring, historical data acquisition, while also controlling artificial lift and other oil and gas field applications. Well Optix gives you actionable production data that can enhance your profitability. It’s powerful, yet simple to use, allowing you to remotely make changes depending on well conditions, maximizing your uptime. In addition, we have experienced field engineers on staff who can help guide you should problems at the well arise.

Well Optix can:

  • Trend production optimization data on your well 24/7
  • Make well data available instantly from any internet connected device
  • Make production notes about significant events, keep current logs on well equipment and set email or text alerts to notify you when conditions hit your specified thresholds.

Learn more about Well Optix