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Pump-Off Control
Pump-Off Control → Revelation
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See Pump-Off Control in a Whole New Light

Pump off controllers are not new technology. Producers have been looking at surface cards and pump cards to determine well conditions for years. That said, the technology hasn’t advanced much over the years. It’s challenging to install, challenging to interpret and, at best, requires a good deal of expertise to get the most of it.


Until now.

Revelation™, from SPOC Automation, is a much-needed improvement on traditional pump off controllers. It is simple to install. Simple to operate. Simple to maintain. Though simple to operate, Revelation is incredibly powerful. It gives you all the information you need in a simple to use package. It gives you greater control over your production. And it improves the entire experience, from adoption to installation to long-term maintenance.


Revelation. See pump off control in a whole new light.



Simplicity is in the system design

Built to make the pumper’s job easier and to streamline data analytics to monitor conditions, Revelation simplifies the user experience through an ergonomic human-machine interface (HMI). The screens make set-up easy and shorten the operator’s learning curve. To minutes. Literally. Revelation provides historical pump and surface cards; and trend data of, pump fillage, rod load, and polished rod horsepower. This data is exportable to a USB drive and available over a SCADA systems.


Clear Surface Cards and Pump Cards


Revelation’s surface cards and pump cards give you real-time information on the performance of your well in a clear, easily readable format. It also stores historical cards, which are easily downloaded for operational use.


Multiple options for pump off control

You determine the conditions for pump off. Revelation streamlines pump off set points, depending on your preference for different applications. You can set parameters for specific load and stroke points, or based on pump fillage. You can even configure downtime and consecutive strokes in pump-off, all with just a few touches to the interface screen. Easy.


Peak Demand

Revelation’s Timed Mode allows you to shut the pump down and then automatically restart at pre-determined times. This feature is useful to avoid Peak Demand charges, when power costs can make pumping unprofitable. When integrated with a SPOC variable-frequency drive, Revelation can also slow the pump at pre-determined times. Through the VFD, Revelation’s data analytics can determine KwH’s of the pump to optimize this peak demand feature.


Seamless VFD Integration

IronHorse 35-rev

While Revelation is built to integrate seamlessly with SPOC Automation’s variable frequency drives, it can integrate with any VFD or motor controller. It can even be retrofitted in the field to work with VFDs on existing wells. When integrated, Revelation and the VFD allow you to set minimum speed for pump off, or to vary the speed of the pump to meet a pump fillage set point. Revelation separates the crank rotation into eight positions, which can be configured to speed up or slow down the motor based on percentage of pump speed, allowing you to shape the speed of the pumping unit within each stroke. It also allows you to log and trend KwH. With a SPOC VFD, you get more production data, from pump torque to current to voltage to KwH. The parameters are easily configurable through the controller interface, and our VFD faults are displayed to the HMI which shortens troubleshooting time.


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