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The easiest, most detailed VFD interface available
VFD Interface → WiseGuy
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The WiseGuy™ series of drive interface products in our latest innovation in drive technology. The days of needing a specialist around to change speeds, get the amps, production data, run time or other information you need from your drives are over.

WiseGuy can tell you everything you need to know about your well. And the touch screen technology and oil-field terminology make it simple to use. WiseGuy interface is the most user-friendly on the market.

Smart. Intuitive. Easy. These are the most common words customers use to describe the WiseGuy. If you know industry terminology like “SPM” (Strokes per Minute), “Pump Run Time” (“Real Time Run Time”), and “Number of Pump Offs,” you can program the drives. It’s really that easy.

WiseGuy VFD interfaces are available for a host of drive applications. Here are a few of the application packages available from SPOC Automation:

IronHorse Beam Pump Drives

Subduer ESP Drives

Roto-Armor PC Pump Drives

SPOC (Sensorless Pump Off Controller)

HPS Injection Pump Drives

Compressor Drives

Marine Application Drives

Custom developed products are available

WiseGuy VFD interfaces come in standard keypad and logic control versions. It can help you make decisions that will keep your equipment running at peak performance and production.

For more information about upgrading your SPOC Automation VFD package with our WiseGuy VFD interface products, please consult our sales or support staff.



Dealing with the people at SPOC has been fantastic. You don’t feel like you’re left alone with the technology. It’s been like no other support we’ve ever had with any other company.

- Mike Bair, Owner, Black Gold Pump & Supply