Innovation, that’s what we do. We manufacture automation solutions that help our customers pump oil and gas from the ground. And through our will, through our collective ideas, we’re re-defining the standard for automation technology for the entire industry.

The enemy of our business is the status quo.

And we are always looking for smart, motivated people to help drive us forward. Because we intend to disrupt the status quo, even when our own products are the status quo.

Innovation comes from attitude

We are looking for skilled and qualified people, at all levels of our company, who accept the challenges of innovation. The questions we would ask you and every applicant:

  • Are you willing to learn?
  • Are you driven to master you job?
  • Are you willing to help us find a better way?

The reward is greater opportunity

We are growing, and with growth comes the chance to do more with your career and your life. We’re adding new facilities, including additional space dedicated to production. We’re expanding our engineering department. We’re adding new professionals to our sales team as well.

Design and Field Engineering, Field Service, Sales, and other professionals in the Electrical Controls and Automation field, please submit resumes to

Thank you for your interest in joining our team.


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