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SPOC Automation builds world-class variable frequency drive (VFD) solutions for artificial lift applications in the oil and gas industry.

We engineer and package artificial lift controls and automation technology that increases oil and gas production, lowers lifting costs, saves you time, extends the life of your equipment and saves energy.

SPOC is the industry-leading artificial lift controls manufacturer; we have automation expertise in a wide range of oil and gas applications, working with every kind of pump and compressor in even the harshest conditions.

VFD/SPOC Whitepaper
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February 06, 2019
In both Hebrew and with an Aussie accent, our team members Oren Azrad and Chris Pieper read The Chameleon that Save…
January 21, 2019
Reed Simms hired as Mid-Continent Sales Manager at SPOC Automation. Learn more about his role: #PumpLongAndProsper
January 21, 2019
Reed Simms Hired as Mid-Continent Sales Manager at SPOC Automation MORE