A Long History Helping Customers Increase Profitability and Reduce Emissions

SPOC continually helps its customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint with products and services that improve efficiency and productivity. Our inverter technology is helping customers future proof their processes and power to meet their ESG and operational goals. With SPOC's extensive experience, you can have the utmost confidence in your operations when using our Drives and Grid Inverters Systems.

Just this year, SPOC surpassed several significant industry milestones. 

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Who is SPOC?

SPOC is a family of innovative companies specializing in variable speed drive automation and inverter technologies.

At SPOC, we believe the status quo is our enemy. Ours is a never-stand-still approach to developing products and services for the people we serve.

What fuels that drive is a commitment to Lift Up ourselves and each other. That’s a promise that extends to our customers, our country, and the world beyond.

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We are committed to helping our customers achieve operational and ESG goals.

SPOC will continue to drive change through innovation, making renewables easier to implement in our customers’ operations, and by improving their ROI through greater efficiencies and boosted performance by utilizing inverter technology.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve operational and ESG goals.

SPOC will continue to drive change through innovation, making renewables easier to implement in our customers’ operations, and by improving their ROI through greater efficiencies and boosted performance by utilizing inverter technology.

SPOC Automation provides industry-leading automation for both the upstream and midstream segments of the oil & gas industry.

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SPOC Automation

SPOC GRID Inverter Technologies balances power supply and demand for hybrid energy systems in grid-connected, off-grid, island and marine systems.

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SPOC GRID Inverter Technologies

SPOC SCADA collects actionable data giving operators a clear vision of overall production from any internet-connected device.

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Who we serve:

Through leading-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, and within a culture that stresses continuous improvement, SPOC provides intelligent solutions that bring us smarter ways to extract and use energy--all while helping to reshape our world.

SPOC Automation designs and manufactures variable frequency drive solutions for almost every form of artificial lift. Our IronHorse drive for rod pump applications is the most installed VFD in North America.

Innovative, reliable SPOC drives deliver industry-leading efficiency and greater control. They also help slash energy costs by as much as 35% and increase uptime by greatly reducing stress on pumps.  

We make drives for a number of uses in the gas compression market, all of which are proven to help you run more efficiently and reliably. Our drives help save on electrical costs, with the additional benefits of improving productivity, reducing maintenance and increasing uptime.

Giving you complete control over operations via any internet-connected device, SCADA collects actionable data and allows you to maximize production. SCADA also instantly alerts you to changes in on-site conditions and facilitates proactive management through notifications of potential maintenance issues before they impact operations.

On any variety of waterborne vessels, SPOC's Marine Hybrid Electrification Solutions provide significant advantages in safety, speed, logistics and efficiency. Consider electric-based main propulsion with SPOC's Grid Inverter Technology and Energy Storage Solutions for more efficient operation, quieter and cleaner harbor operations and greater freedom in ship design.

During power outages, SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies will provide reliable AC current from off-grid sources including renewables and energy storage. When utility power is present, SPOC Grid Inverters recharge batteries, while simultaneously passing power through to your equipment.

SPOC’s Grid Inverter Technologies intelligently monitor and manage power sources and operational needs. Whether being used on farms; oil and gas pumping facilities; or in other remote, off-grid applications, SPOC products allow gensets/ power skids/ generators to operate efficiently and safely.

Generators supply the vast majority of the energy used to run various facets of the mining industry. And while generators supply the brawn needed to run heavy equipment, SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies provide the brains to ensure safe and efficient operation.

To improve reliability, while lessening greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy systems are being coupled with other power sources. SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies allow the seamless transition between those sources, while improving ROI through greater efficiencies and boosted performance.

Many commercial and industrial operations are reducing costs and improving stability in power production with the use of energy storage systems. SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies allow for the seamless and automatic release of stored energy during periods of high energy demand and the charging of batteries when supply is high. 

Remote operations are often off-grid or in areas where utility-supplied power is unreliable. To improve stability of power sources, many commercial and industrial operations are opting for hybrid power and are using SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies to switch between energy sources seamlessly, while also boosting efficiency.

With mission-critical operations in remote locations, DoD facilities require continual power, often in harsh conditions, where catastrophic failure of one or more power sources is a possibility. SPOC Grid provides the ability to switch between backups in a redundant system without interruption of operations.


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