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Lift Up is what makes SPOC special: it’s a commitment to our values that makes us an innovation company whose employees always expect to shake up the status quo. Everyone is an innovator. No job is unimportant. Which is why we challenge everyone in our company with a common mission to:

LIFT UP YOURSELF  You have an opportunity with SPOC, to build a career, to build a better life for your family.You can go as far as your attitude and your hustle will take you.

LIFT UP EACH OTHER  Every job in our company is important. That means every person is important. The people to your left and to your right are counting on you, just as you depend on them.

LIFT UP OUR CUSTOMERS   When we excel, our ideas Lift Up every customer who uses our product. We help them do more, while spending less. We help reduce emissions to improve our planet and we help them create opportunities for people across the country and across the world.

LIFT UP OUR COMPANY  When we fulfill our purpose, we make our company stronger, more secure. We create opportunities. By pursuing innovation, we’re planning for jobs that don’t even exist today. By making our company stronger, we help everyone at SPOC thrive.

LIFT UP OUR COUNTRY   Energy is, and will be, one of the primary factors that defines our future. By making it easier, less costly and less harmful to produce, manage and use energy — we Lift Up our country, making it stronger and more secure.

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