They say that only people in Texas know the energy business. They say that world-changing innovations, ideas that rock the very foundation of industry, can only come from Silicon Valley tech or technology megacorporations. Well, you can forget about that.

Learn more about our core values.

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The Lift Up Mantra
If you want to know what makes SPOC a special place, understand these five core aspects of our beliefs.
Lift Up Mantra
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We Are Driven By Our Beliefs
We believe that world-changing ideas can come from anywhere. They come when we master our jobs and ask ourselves, always, if there’s a better way. 
our core values
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New Positions at SPOC
SPOC is looking for great talent. 
Do you have what it takes?

At SPOC, we are reshaping the way we use energy. Here, you'll find opportunities to build a life, while playing a key role on a team that is truly transforming the world.

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The Status Quo Is Our Enemy
Through our collective will, through our relentless drive—we are redefining how the world produces and consumes energy.
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We are defined by our core values. If you want to know what makes SPOC a special place, understand these core values which never change.

Do it right. Do it on time, every time.
We invest in our employees, our customers and our suppliers to make them each better.
We’re here to build cool things. We’re here to win. More importantly, we’re here to help our customers win.
We are an innovation company. We are always looking for a better way.
Our work is serious. But it’s also fun. It’s exciting to live on the sharp edge of innovation, to make products that change the world.