SPOC is an innovation company

SPOC manufactures automation technology for both the upstream and midstream segments of the oil & gas industry. Our products help customers automate processes in artificial lift and water handling, as well as vapor recovery and gas compression.

But in our core, we are an innovation company. In everything we do, from everyone who works here, we expect to shake up the status quo.

Because world-changing ideas can come from anywhere. Through our collective ideas, through our process and our energy — we are redefining the standard that drives automation in the oilfield. And we challenge everyone in our company with a common mission to:


Lift up yourself

As a member of our team, you have an opportunity here to make a career, a life for yourself and your family. You can go as far as your attitude and your hustle will take you.

Lift up each other

We lift each other. Every job in our company is important. That means every person is important. If you weren’t necessary, you wouldn’t be here. Look to your left. Look to your right. Those people are counting on you. And you depend on them.

Lift up our company

When we fulfill our challenge, we make our company more secure, more profitable. We create opportunities for everyone in the company to thrive.

Lift up our customers

When we excel, when we fulfill our challenge, we lift up every producer that uses our product. We make it easier for them to pump more and pump more profitably.

Lift up our community

It is important that we, as individuals and as a company, help make life better for everyone in the communities in which we live and work through our resources and our gifts.

Lift up our country

Energy is one of the great drivers of the world economy, of national security, of modern life as we know it. When we meet our challenge, we make access to energy cheaper and easier, which ultimately reduces our dependence on foreign sources. It makes us stronger as a country.

About Lift Up and Build Up

A few years ago, we set out to define the culture of our company. We called it Lift Up, because when we live up to our potential, we Lift Up ourselves, each other, our customers, our industry and eventually our entire country in the process.

Build Up is an extension of that philosophy. It’s not enough to create world-class technology. We want the people we serve in the industry to excel in their jobs too, so we’re equally motivated to share our deep knowledge of automation and drive technology. From these short videos to online and in-person training — we want to build up your skills.

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