February 19, 2020 | SPOC Automation

DriveShield Preventative Maintenance

Systems without preventative maintenance experience 300 % the downtime of those with a PM program. Source: 2015IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Conference (PCIC)

SPOC Automation continues to expand our DriveShield offerings by introducing our new Preventative Maintenance program. DriveShield Preventative Maintenance is available to suit any drive application and environmental challenge you may face. Drives applied in demanding applications will benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance from a SPOC professional drive technician. We offer a preventative maintenance plan on every drive we sell. PM plans can be tailored to suit the product application and scheduled to minimize impact to operational needs.

To maximize performance- Standard PM Plans include

  • Visual inspection and thermal imaging scans
  • Mounting, wiring, and environmental checks
  • Parameter and setting check
  • Operational checks (fans)
  • Trip test breaker
  • Review and download of faults and warning logs
  • Software upgrades if available
  • Dust and debris removal

No other maintenance plan protects the investment you’ve made in your equipment more completely. You can even invest in a PM protection plan on any drive within 12 months of the original purchase date.