June 23, 2020 | SPOC Automation

Mitigating the Risk of Lightning

Have you ever seen what lightning can do? Did you know that the average lightning strike contains about 1 billion volts? If you’ve ever been anywhere near the point of a lightning strike, you understand the meaning of truly awesome power. You also learn immense respect for the storm.

Safe to say, not much survives that kind of destructive force. In the field, lightning is a real threat, not just to your equipment, but to your people as well. After all, especially in the plains and the desert, your pumps and drives are often one of the tallest things in the vicinity.

In a recent episode of our Two-Minute Drives, SPOC CEO Bobby Mason, in recognition of National Lightning Safety Week, talks about ways to protect your people and your equipment when the storms roll in. 

Including one solution that no one in the industry can believe is even possible, much less affordable.

Lightning is definitely something you want to protect both your people and your equipment from, so check out Bobby’s newest Two-Minute Drives video.