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March 23, 2023 | SPOC Automation

SPOC Automation Adds New Quality Assurance Engineer

Aaron Waldrop has joined SPOC as Quality Assurance Engineer.

"As Quality Engineer, I help out production in a number of ways, including training, learning to uncover defects, conducting work instructions and production prints to help them better assemble equipment," Waldrop says. "I also handle defect products by logging them into the system to make sure we're disposing of them in a proper manner or sending them back to the manufacturer."

Aaron assists the quality manager and shadows SPOC employees in other departments to see what discrepancies they may have in their systems so that he can help within those areas. He says his favorite part of the job is doing work instructions and 3D prints since it allows him to use his CAD skills to create instruction booklets that he knows will help others who work for SPOC and new hires when they are going through the onboarding process.

An Alabama native, Aaron joined the Air National Guard in 2006; he remains an active member of the Guard in Birmingham today. During his years in the armed service, he worked in Electrical Power Production, an area that allowed him to gain experience working on generators, aircraft arresting systems, and power plants. He has been a field service technician working on remote generator systems and emergency back-ups for mechanical facilities and cell towers. That experience was critical to SPOC.

"Quality assurance is such an important factor at SPOC," Robert L. Mason, CEO of the company, says. "I'm excited to bring on a new team member with so much experience in this area as SPOC moves toward a world with even more high-tech energy. Aaron's passion for detail and enthusiasm will aid our mission of powering progress for the future through drive and inverter solutions," Mason adds. "Making sure we have the best possible products is crucial, and we want people at SPOC who care about quality at every level."

"I like that you can talk to anybody and get to know them, and when you have new ideas, those are welcomed instead of pushed away even if they are different. It's an open playing field," he says. He also loves the solution-focused passion he sees throughout the company.

Aaron and his wife, Callie live in Hoover, Alabama, with their eight dogs.