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March 24, 2023 | SPOC Automation

SPOC Automation Welcomes Lily Garza as Information Systems Associate

Lily Garza joined SPOC as an Information Systems Associate.

"I'm excited to be part of a team that's innovating and improving things," Garza says. "I love being able to see what happens behind the scenes of our systems and how that translates to our clients and customers. There are so many different processes and components involved in our business and there is a real commitment from everyone at SPOC to find a way to do everything better."

In her role, Garza will provide user technical support to SPOC employees for CRM & ERP software; she will also help identify and resolve technical problems to restore service to users. Her job will involve designing new or modifying existing configurations to meet users' needs, while ensuring that operations are in compliance with applicable policies, procedures, and rules.

"I think a lot of people probably say this, but it was the culture at SPOC that really drew me to the company," Garza says. "From the first day they make you feel part of the team. They expect you not to just do your job, but to help find new ways of doing the job better. Innovation really is part of everyone's job here.

"I am especially excited about delving into the complexity of the system and making it easier for users. This role incorporates many aspects of my career interests and I am excited to continue learning more every day."

"At SPOC, we never stand still when it comes to new technology and new ways that we can power progress through drive and inverter solutions," says Robert L. Mason, CEO of SPOC. "We need people who can move into this high-tech world with us with lots of passion and energy. Lily fits that bill perfectly, and we're so pleased to add her to our team."