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December 16, 2020 | SPOC Automation

The Things You Learn When You Pay Attention

We’ve recently launched a new project, one we call the SPOC Knowledge Base, and it is almost certainly unlike anything else out there. 

We’ve been making automation technology for the oil and gas industry, specifically the upstream and midstream segments, for a long time. And for years, our technical support and automation engineering teams have worked directly with our customers having issues in the field. 

What happens when you solve a lot of problems is that you develop significant expertise and deep insights into the application of your technology.

We’ve helped thousands of customers get the most out of their variable frequency drives, their SCADA, their pump off controllers. We’ve helped troubleshoot more issues than we can possibly count. Not because our technology is difficult to understand, but because the application of what we do is hard and our technology must work flawlessly under some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. 

Over the years, we’ve developed an incredible depth of knowledge about automation technology and how it can help you produce more while slashing your LOE.

Some of our insights--like how to change a fan on a drive in the field--might save you a few hundred dollars. Some of our insights might significantly enhance your productivity and be worth millions, literally.

If you have an issue with your drive, odds are more than one of our technical support staff have helped dozens of other customers with the same issue. 

Recently, we’ve been talking about how all of that knowledge is wasted if we can’t share it with customers in the field. 

So, we created the SPOC Knowledge Base

It’s a collection of articles and videos that explore a wide range of issues that we’ve encountered over the years. It’s a work in progress (probably forever), so we’ll be adding to this database of insights consistently as we go. Check back often and let us know if there is a topic you are looking for and could not find. 

We believe that innovation is our true business. The Knowledge Base is just one more example. 

May it keep you Always Running.