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June 30, 2021 | SPOC Automation

Dr. Ben Gully, Chief Technologist of SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies

SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies, Inc., names Dr. Ben Gully, an expert in lithium-ion battery systems, as the company’s Chief Technologist.

Dr. Gully has over 15 years of experience in the maritime, stationary equipment and automotive industries. He has helped numerous companies with testing, modeling and system engineering for both performance and safety aspects of their energy storage systems. Additionally, he has years of scientific publication to his credit and has held many public speaking engagements on the subject.


“Batteries bring us new, smarter ways to use energy and shape our world” states Dr. Gully, “part and parcel to that is also making sure we use them in the right way, for the right things and help identify and implement other power system solutions where batteries don’t provide the optimal solution.”

Dr. Gully provided the technical guidance for the battery safety test procedures, which have become the global maritime industry standard for safety evaluation. He pioneered thought leadership as the manager and technical lead for the Maritime Battery Safety Joint Development Project, which was supported by the likes of ABB, Kongsberg, Corvus Energy, Leclanché, Stena, Damen Group, Marioff, NMA, DMA, U.S. MARAD and more.

Dr. Gully holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, where he focused on Hybrid Powertrain Architectures for the U.S. Navy and Commercial Ocean-Going Vessels.

“Dr. Ben Gully is an outstanding addition to SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies, Inc., bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in energy storage systems to the team,” states Andrew Williams, SPOC Grid Managing Director.  “We are thrilled to have him join the SPOC family as we continue to provide innovative solutions in our effort to enhance our marine, on-site power and energy storage solutions.”

In his new role at SPOC, Dr. Gully will bring his experience and knowledge in energy storage systems, power systems, marine power systems, hybrid controls, and marine propulsion technologies and methods to assist in business-development efforts. He also will serve as the subject matter expert on behalf of SPOC Grid for industry organizations, while continuing to publish relevant articles and hold speaking engagements. Additionally, Dr. Gully will assist SPOC Grid’s managing director and engineering teams with ongoing product development.

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