Mitigating the Risk of Lightning

Have you ever seen what lightning can do? Did you know that the average lightning strike contains about 1 billion volts? If you’ve ever been anywhere near the point of a lightning strike, you understand the meaning of truly awesome power. You also learn immense respect for the storm.


DriveShield Preventative Maintenance

Systems without preventative maintenance experience 300 % the downtime of those with a PM program. Source: 2015IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Conference (PCIC)


DriveShield Extended Warranty


SPOC Automation is an innovation company. We are continually striving to bring the best products and services to the market. We manufacture all our products to the highest standards in the industry. Innovation and excellence doesn’t just extend to manufacturing. In everything we do, from engineering to manufacturing to aftermarket service, we want to challenge the status quo. Our overriding purpose is to Lift Up our customers. It comes down to a simple phrase: When we do our jobs with excellence, both our people and our customers have a chance to thrive. We can lift our customers up by making it easier for them to pump more and pump more profitably.