Using Well Optix to Troubleshoot Problems in the Field

Troubleshooting problems. If it seems like the people who last in this business are experts in troubleshooting, that’s probably because it’s true. Of course, the problems we face are hugely complicated by time and distance. If there is a problem with a pump, it could easily be a 2- to 3-hour drive to get to it to figure out the nature of the issue.


How does a SPOC Drive Help your Jet Pump System?

Jet pump systems are rising in popularity for use in horizontal wells, where other pumps can have difficulty. Control of the jet pump can seem to be simplicity itself – just turn the bypass valve to adjust downhole pressure as needed. Yet to fine tune your production performance and avoid unscheduled maintenance, precise control is needed. Control and cost are two categories of benefits delivered by drive systems for jet pumps.