We’ve Got Your Back

At SPOC, we build all of our drives for the oilfield. This means they are designed, engineered, and manufactured for decades of uninterrupted service in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable.

It is inevitable, though, that the heat, the cold, the dust, and the storms will take a toll. In the oilfield, the unthinkable does happen. Pumps fail. Motors burn out. 

Peace of Mind = Protection From The Unexpected

We offer DriveShield — the industry’s most comprehensive extended warranty — on every drive we sell. No other extended warranty protects the investment you’ve made in your equipment more completely. You can buy extended warranty protection on any drive within 12 months of the original purchase date.

A Billion-Volt Lightning Strike Is no Match for DriveShield

Each of our DriveShield packages includes protection against lightning strikes and other load anomalies. No other drive manufacturer will insure their drive against the damage that a good West Texas storm can produce. So let the storms come — we’ve got you covered.

VFDs Out-Perform

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*As you would expect, our attorneys insist on mentioning a few things our warranty does NOT cover. Things like product misapplication, vandalism, natural or facility disasters, chronic problems due to the installation environment or shipping damage.