SPOC Automation designs and manufactures variable frequency drive solutions for almost every form of artificial lift. Our solutions are specific to your needs, so every product conversation begins with a detailed analysis of your field, your wells, your goals. Only then can we tailor the product to your pump and your production needs. We offer the latest technology available in Air Cooled, Liquid Cooled, Active Front-End VFD (Low Harmonic), Regenerative, and our application-specific drive products. Whatever your need, the drive we create will be powerful, but sized to the job for maximum efficiency, dependable, even in the toughest conditions, easy to use and affordable. To learn more, explore our product pages, or call us to discuss your application requirements and we will help you find the best drive product solution.

Subduer ESP drives
Revelation pump off control
HPS injection pump
Ironhorse™ pump off control
Roto Armor PC Pump Drives
PDP hydraulic jet pump drives
Regulator basic PID control drives
CVD compression vacuum drive
Sensorless pump off control
Harmonics distortion tracking
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