Why You Don’t Want Fans and Filters in Your Drive

Why You Don’t Want Fans and Filters in Your Drive


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Hey, guys, I’m Tyler Courtwright with SPOC Automation. I’m a field service technician in the Mid-Con Region and I want to discuss a little bit about using external fans or air filters inside your drive cabinets.

If these cabinets are designed properly, the use of the fans or air filters is not needed. This just brings additional cost and maintenance issues that will arise in the future. These fans are usually used to take hot air from inside the cabinet and expel it outside.

But what happens when these fans fail?

Well, you’ll have to call a technician and have that fan replaced. These fans are also dependent on their air intake. So, when you put an air filter in front of that fan, it impedes that airflow and makes it that much harder for that fan to run at 100 percent.

We know that these fans and cabinet filters are outside next to a road, so the dirt and debris and the moisture can clog the air filters rather quickly, potentially having to need the air filters replaced daily.

Here at SPOC, we have designed our cabinets to not need either of these for the sole purpose of protecting your device and saving you maintenance and downtime.

I hope this was helpful and if you want any more information, please contact us at SPOC Automation.

We’re here to help you. Thanks, guys.

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