Data Logger WiseGuy Series

Data Logger WiseGuy Series


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Hey, I’m Stacey Brooks and I’m the engineering manager here at SPOC Automation. I’ve been with SPOC over 12 years and before that I had about 15 years in the automotive industry, all in industrial controls. Today I want to talk about our WiseGuy operator interface and specifically our data logger to show you how it can be used in practical applications to troubleshoot.

Here’s a sample of our data logger screen. We record all kinds of information: drive information, the volts, the hertz, the amps, any of your peripheral devices you might have, like pressures, flows. Even tools like a downhole tool, if it’s any ESP application.

When we record this information, there’s a limited amount of data that’s stored on the WiseGuy itself. You can only get about six hours of operation that way. But if you notice here, there’s a little green auto log on light, that is on. And if you have a USB stick inserted — here’s an example of what our operator interface WiseGuy, if you notice the USB has a box around it.  If you plug a USB stick there, then the data will be saved on that USB stick. You can bring that over to your laptop and import it into Excel. And it’s a good troubleshooting tool.

So, if you stay tuned for part two, I’m going to show you what that data is going to look like and how it can be used for troubleshooting a situation.

I appreciate your time this morning. And keep an eye out for part two of this series as I explain an actual real-world instance where you can use this tool.

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