Ideas on Protecting Your Pump

Ideas on Protecting Your Pump


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Good afternoon, Bryan Lile again with SPOC Automation.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about pump protections used in VFDs and the associated automation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about artificial lift, surface pumps and centrifugals, using the proper VFD and automation, you can protect your pumping equipment in three ways.

One, from electrical malfunctions, mechanical malfunctions and possible operator error. On the electrical side, you can protect from things like over-voltage, undercurrent, over-current.

On the mechanical side, you can setup mechanical safeties like high-discharge pressure or low-suction fractures, things of those nature. Also, on the operator side, you can do some similar things. Say someone shuts off a shut-off valve and you’re trying to run your pumping equipment. If you have a high-discharge safety tied into your VFD and your automation, you can properly shut it down and protect your equipment.

Hope you find these items helpful. If you’ve got further questions on how to protect your pumping equipment, please contact myself or one of the team members at SPOC Automation. And be sure to visit our website and our YouTube channel for further information.

Thank you. Have a great day. And pump long and prosper.

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