Take the Stress Test … And Pass. 

The HPS Drive makes your saltwater disposal or injection pumps more efficient and reliable. 

Disposing of saltwater through injection applications puts incredible stress and wear on the pump. Traditional solutions run the pump at full speed and use a valve to choke back pressure to the optimum level. Over time, failure of the pump is inevitable.

Less Stress. Less Wear. Fewer Failures. 

The SPOC HPS drive greatly reduces wear on your system. It allows you to control the speed of the pump, which means you can leave the valve fully open at all times, reducing the stress on the system, and in turn, maintenance costs and downtime. 

Easy to Operate 

The drive’s simple interface allows personnel to easily grasp operation to take control and monitor your tank levels, vibration sensors, intake pressure and discharge pressure.

Precise Control 

HPS allows for precision control of the pump in the widest possible range. That allows you to quickly and easily adjust to changing conditions, reducing costs and maximizing production.

Better Actionable Data 

Best-in-class data collection—both historical and run-time information—allows for trending and actionable analysis.

Remote Operation 

The HPS is available with ModBus RTU and Ethernet communications, so you can tie the drive into SCADA systems, including SPOC’s industry-leading WellOptix Remote SCADA system. And, as with all SPOC drives, operation is user-friendly, both on-site and from from any Internet Connected Device.

It helps me control the rate that water is flowing into my SWDs, so I don’t slam the pump full-on horsepower, full-on RPMs, full-on hertz…"

Casey Hausenfluke

Facilities Engineer

HPS installed

The HPS variable frequency drive controls the speed at the pump, allowing you to leave the valve open at all times, reducing wear and failures within the system. The drive’s simple interface allows you to control and monitor your tank levels, vibration sensors, intake pressure and discharge pressure. You can now control the pump at the widest possible range.

Today, low voltage drives make more sense from almost any perspective for motors of 1,000HP or less. The math is undeniable →

Input Voltage

208V, 230V,
480V +10/-20%

Well Optix SCADA Interface


Common I/O platform throughout all HP ranges


Transient voltage surge protection and 3% input line reactor


NEMA type 3R outdoor rated enclosures with sun shields, exhaust heat plenum


Extreme climate rating from arctic to desert conditions

-40°F to 122°F

WiseGuy data capture, trending, time and date stamp, history, USB port for download


Interchangeable and expandable I/O cards


Communications: ModBus RTU, Ethernet and others


Open Protocols for your SCADA system and telemetry ready


IEEE519 compliant low harmonic options


Proven, tested products with over 10,000 units



DriveShield Warranty

SPOC offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry and 24/7 service that will have you back up and running in hours, not weeks.

Low Harmonics

Low Harmonics

SPOC drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance.

WellOptix Remote SCADA

WellOptix Remote SCADA

Remote monitoring of equipment in the field that gives you actionable production data to enhance your profitability.