Keep it simple and gain more control

The Regulator drive is the best universal closed-loop controller for simple process control drive applications in the oil and gas industry. By regulating and optimizing your process, you maximize your production, while reducing your energy consumption and mechanical damage.

Regulator maybe

You can replace stop-and-start cycling with process-speed optimization. Controlling your drive has never been easier. And the WiseGuy interface, standard with every Regulator drive, is intuitive and simple. Everything you need to control the drive is located on one easy-to-use screen.

We asked our customers what their wish list would be for their compressors, transfer pumps, triplex and other injection/disposal applications. The Regulator drive has everything you will need to produce more and spend less on your rotating equipment.

SPOC is the most dependable partner we have, hands down. They work hard. They do what they say they are going to do.

Gary Wilson

General Manager, Tanklogix


HP Range

2HP – 150HP

Input Range 380 – 500 VAC
(Other voltages available, please consult SPOC)


45-66 Hz Input Frequency


Output: AC Volts maximum

Std: Input Voltage Base

Output Frequency Range

0 – 320 Hz


1 Minute (CT)

NEMA 3R, Harsh Environment Enclosure

Standard with Sun Shield & Heat Exhaust System

Cold Weather Heater & Thermo Switch


Extreme Cold Weather Heat Kit


Listings Available

UL, cUL Optional

WiseGuy Color Touch Screen Operator Interface



Modbus RTU, TCP Standard, others available

Altitude (Maximum without De-Rate)

3300 ft. (1000m)

Line Voltage Variation

+10/-15% Standard,
+10/-20% AFE Option



Power Factor



WiseGuy is innovative, simple, easy.

The WiseGuy series of drive interface products is our latest innovation in drive technology. The days of needing a specialist around to change speeds, get the amps, production data, run time or other information you need from your drives are over.

WiseGuy can tell you everything you need to know about your application. And the touch screen uses application-specific terminology to make it simple to use. WiseGuy interface is the most user-friendly on the market.

Smart. Intuitive. Easy. These are the most common words customers use to describe the WiseGuy. If you know industry terminology like intake and discharge pressure, tank level, flow rates — you can program the drive. It’s really that easy.

Service is always a standard feature

Service is always a standard feature

The oilfield is a difficult, often brutal place for variable frequency drives. But we understand the pressure to keep your pumps running, no matter the conditions. All of our drives, including Regulator, are engineered and built to run through the extremes of heat and cold, through dust and dirt. That said, we realize that in the oilfield everything is susceptible to break, sooner or later.

If one of our drives goes down, our technical team is available 24/7

We will have you back up and running in hours, not weeks. As one of our clients said: “In the oilfield, there is no tomorrow. Only today.” 

That is the belief we live by.

We also offer our customers DriveShield, the most comprehensive extended warranty in the entire industry. With up to six years of extended warranty, including protection against lightning strikes, you are protected at all times. Who else offers 6 years of protection, even against lightning strikes?

Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance

Harmonic drive compliance becomes more critical every day. At SPOC, we focus on the entire system, providing low-harmonic drives to ensure that you continue running reliably, efficiently and in compliance of IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2.

We manufacture every type of low harmonics drive, using the latest technology available.  Everything we do is tailored to your needs.

In general, we recommend the Active Front-End VFD  for minimizing harmonics in fields incorporating variable speed drives. This technology is electronically based, not magnetically based. It meets the IEEE519 under every scenario and all loading conditions, regardless of voltage imbalance or source impedance. It is so advanced it can actually correct for low-voltage conditions from marginal systems and correct power factor within the electrical system, saving you money. You can read more about our harmonics solutions here.

Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance