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IronHorse Drive

The most trusted rod pump drive in the oilfield
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With more than 25,000 units installed, the SPOC Automation IronHorse Series Drive has been successfully applied on more rod pumps than any other variable frequency drive on the market.

Maximize production: IronHorse drives, with the sensorless pump off controller (SPOC), allows you to slow your rod pump automatically at pump off, rather than stopping the motor and shutting down the well. IronHorse features a self-teaching mode that runs the pump at optimal speed for each well’s inflow rate to maximize production. IronHorse extends the life of the equipment and in most cases, increases production, maximizing the return on your investment. In the event your well does not produce enough inflow to keep producing a slower speed, then you simply set the SPOC software up to stop like traditional pump off controllers. What’s more, there are no costly and easily damaged sensors or load cells to install on the pumping unit.

Reduce your costs. IronHorse literally pays for itself through reduced energy costs. IronHorse can produce energy savings of 10% to 40% over wells without a variable frequency drive; our average customer reports savings of about 20%. With near unity power factor, elimination of inrush currents and associated peak demand charges, and a reduction of utility kwh usage, the IronHorse drive payback is quick. Traditional across-the-line starters or Pump Panels will never reduce your operating cost or pay for themselves, but it’s guaranteed with the IronHorse VFD! Here when you need us: Service is more than a cooperative voice when you call. Whether you need application expertise or emergency help when there is a problem, service is an inherent part of every product we make. When you need help, before, during or after installation, our professional field engineers are here to solve your issues fast. But the benefits of IronHorse go well beyond energy savings. IronHorse saves you money and increases production through

    • Decreased mechanical wear on pumping units
    • It virtually eliminates rod separations
    • Reduces transmission stress by more than 50%
    • One user reported a 75% reduction of rig workovers in a large field simply by switching to our rod pump VFD technology from the standard across-the-line starter pump panels.

Testimonial: House Electric

In this video, an IronHorse user shares his thoughts on the product and its impact on his business.

Additional features delivered by IronHorse drives include:

  • Variable Frequency Drives from 3HP to 300HP
  • Input Voltages available from 230VAC – 480VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Common I/O platform throughout all HP ranges
  • Surge protection
  • Oil field designed “harsh environment” enclosures with sun shields, exhaust heat plenum
  • Extreme climate rating from Desert to Arctic conditions
  • WiseGuy DL data capture, trending, time & date stamp, history, USB port for download
  • Industry leading harmonic drive solutions meeting or exceeding IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2 specifications (Optional)
  • Interchangeable and expandable I/O cards
  • Communications: ModBus RTU, Ethernet, and others installed from the factory or added in the field
  • Telemetry ready, open protocols for your SCADA system


The best thing about the IronHorse-WiseGuy combination is the ease of use. We’re looking at this stuff on our cell phones now. We can adjust the pump and watch it 24 hours a day. That’s been a big plus for us.

‐ Mike Bair, Owner, Black Gold Pump and Supply



Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance

Harmonics: Our low-harmonic drives keep you running reliably, efficiently and in compliance

Harmonic drive compliance becomes more critical every day. At SPOC, we focus on the entire system, providing low-harmonic drives to ensure that you continue running reliably, efficiently and in compliance of IEEE519 and EN-6100-3-2.

We can perform studies for new or existing systems, as well as harmonic measurements to help you get a baseline of your current power quality. Using harmonic modeling tools, we can help you evaluate different scenarios and supply you with the right products that will help you run in compliance with the harmonic standards, with the highest reliability and at the right cost. Everything we do is tailored to your needs.

Our recommended approach for minimizing harmonics in fields where all lifting is done using variable speed drives is the Active Front End VFD. This technology is electronically based, not magnetically based. It meets the IEEE519 under every scenario and all loading conditions, regardless of voltage imbalance or source impedance. It is so advanced it can actually correct for low-voltage conditions from marginal systems and correct power factor within the electrical system, saving you money. We have years of experience in Active Front End Drives, and can do systems from 1HP to 2000HP at 480V.

WiseGuy DL

The easiest, most detailed VFD interface available

WiseGuy DL: The easiest, most detailed VFD interface available

IronHorse is easy to operate and speaks your language

Programming and operating the IronHorse drive is easy and intuitive. Using oil field units of measure like “strokes per minute,” as well as standard fault names such as “field kill” or “vibration switch,” we designed the IronHorse specifically around beam pump applications.

Built-in production calculations assist in evaluating wells. The IronHorse is also available in single phase input, eliminating the need for costly, problematic phase converters and the associated over-sizing of components or motors. Additionally, those traditional methods cost you more on your O&M budget dollars due to the high electrical losses that accompany them.

Smart. Intuitive. Easy. That’s what customers say about the WiseGuy DL VFD interface. If you know industry terminology like “Daily Strokes,” “Run Time History” or “Pump Offs” then you can operate the WiseGuy DL. It’s really that easy. We can provide customized injection pump packages to meet your specific application requirements.

Knowledge is power in the hands of your pumpers and the WiseGuy DL gives you live trending, history, date & time stamp, data logging, single touch USB downloads, and much more in the industry’s easiest to use, smart and intuitive drive package. Using the WiseGuy DL, the most recent 30 day production history and up to the last 97 pump off events are graphically viewable and downloadable. WiseGuy is optional on all IronHorse Series Drive packages.

Well Optix

SPOC's SCADA package gives you better data and more control over your wells

Well Optix: SPOC's SCADA package gives you better data and more control over your wells

Well Optix is our SCADA package designed to perform remote monitoring, historical data acquisition, while also controlling artificial lift and other oil and gas field applications. Well Optix gives you actionable production data that can enhance your profitability. It’s powerful, yet simple to use, allowing you to remotely make changes depending on well conditions, maximizing your uptime. In addition, we have experienced field engineers on staff who can help guide you should problems at the well arise.

Well Optix can:

  • Trend production optimization data on your well 24/7
  • Make well data available instantly from any internet connected device
  • Make production notes about significant events, keep current logs on well equipment and set email or text alerts to notify you when conditions hit your specified thresholds.

Learn more about Well Optix