Can a SCADA System Make Your Pumpers Better at Their Jobs?

Every producer we’ve ever worked with was looking for ways to help their pumpers be more efficient, to be better at their jobs.


480V Drives Versus 4160V: Which is Better?

For the overwhelming majority of upstream and midstream oil and gas pumping operations, 480V VFDs can reduce operating expenses by double-digit percentages. This series of short articles can help you determine whether 480V is right for your oil, water or gas compression applications. Learn more. Read on.


Well Optix: Report By Exception


SPOC leads the way—and lights the way—with LED monitoring technology

At SPOC Automation, we’re constantly seeking new ways to optimize your operations – to make your business more productive, more compliant, more cost effective and more rewarding. That’s why we listen to customers and develop solutions to solve their pressing problems. And often that means finding innovative ways to perform traditional tasks.


SPOC Boxes Set the Standard for Drive Enclosures

Maybe the world can be divided into two kinds of people: those who patch problems and those who create solutions. If that’s the case, the people at SPOC Automation fall squarely in the second category.


Never Lose Equipment Drawings Again

Imagine driving to the field with the task of servicing your VFD. You make it to the pump, open the drive’s door and start searching for the drawings—nowhere to be found. You scan the enclosure, hoping that the last person didn’t accidentally carry them away.

And then if you’re lucky, you find them -- wet, muddy and torn, in the bottom of the pan.


SPOC Saves Producer $17 Million on Oilfield Project

In today’s cost-sensitive environment, it is more important than ever to improve your field’s efficiency and look at the overall economics.  By using SPOC drives, a project originally budgeted at $25 million comes in around $8 million. Is saving $17 million on a project possible by using SPOC drives? Watch the video and see how the results speak for themselves. 


The Joy of Automation Engineering



It’s official. Fortune Magazine reports that automation engineering is one of the top 5 jobs that make workers unusually happy. We completely agree.


Can Drives Take Single-Phase Power and Operate Three-Phase Motors?

Oilmen go where the oil is. Often that means remote, rugged or rural areas—sometimes all three. It should not be surprising, then, that power services may be limited or lacking altogether.


Save Thousands by Including Your PLC in Your Injection Pump Drive System


Two of the critical pieces of equipment for controlling injection pumps are the variable frequency drive and the PLC.

  • VFD – controls the pump motor
  • PLC – controls the logic, which defines what is happening at what rate and when

These two components must inter-communicate and operate together as a system. If they are not already connected before they arrive on site, installation and configuration is required for each device and between them.

Integrated Injection Pump Drive System

In an integrated system, the PLC and VFD come pre-configured and pre-integrated. While this system may cost slightly more than a traditional drive, it eliminates the need for a separate PLC and its integration. Eliminating the separate PLC saves $1,500 to $10,000 for the equipment, another $1,000 in integration and typical startup configuration costs of $2,000.